Membership Information

The Eagle Riders 518 Motorcycle Club was founded in July 2014 as as a non-profit motorcycle club. Club Eagle Rider is registered with the American Motorcyclist Association as an official MC. We are a family-oriented motorcycle club who is open to men and women riders of all age groups, ethnicities and all brands and styles of motorcycles. Our club members are people from many different walks of life and life experiences and different levels of experience in riding motorcycles. Our leadership team has over 100 years of combined motorcycle riding experience and many of our rides are not exclusive to members of our club.


We take great pride in how we organize and maintain a high level of safety standards for our members and guests of our rides. However, membership has its privileges. Member of our motorcycle club are covered with an umbrella of additional ride insurance, exclusive rides, social events, and discounts exclusive to our group from our different sponsors.


While we do not practice rules of prospecting for our club, all prospective members are subject to approval from the Directors of the club. To be considered for membership a minimum of 15 rides with our group is required so we can best determine if you will be a good fit for our group.


On your third ride with our group, we are happy to provide for you a 518 patch for you to wear on your upper, left side of your vest or jacket...

On 15th ride, you can put in a request for membership into our motorcycle club. We will then review your membership application at our next Directors meeting and, if approved, we will be happy to welcome you into our family. All members are required to pay a small enrollment fee and monthly membership dues to be discussed with you at the time of joining. We are a not-for-profit organization and all fees go to providing more advanced future rides, private events that are exclusive to our members, safety equipment, and other necessities for our group. Once you have been accepted as a member, we will be happy to provide for you our Eagle Riders 518/MC back-patch to wear proudly on your vest or jacket. If you do not have a "biker name" will provide one for you. :-)

For more information on joining the
Eagle Riders 518 Motorcycle Club please speak with one of our Directors on a future ride or contact us through our website on our Contact Us Page.

Eagle Riders 518 Motorcycle Club is officially registered with the American Motorcyclist Association.